‘It’s going to be a long day’: Local travelers face trouble getting home after airline cancels multiple flights

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(WKBN) – Over the past week, Spirit Airlines has canceled multiple flights, causing travelers to cancel trips or get stranded far from home.

Local travelers are having a hard time travelling with Spirit Airlines.

The airline has been cancelling numerous flights across the country. There are long lines at Spirit check-in desks and travelers have had to wait hours before speaking to a travel agent.

It has caused some to have unexpected travel expenses.

Now, many are frustrated with how the airline is handling the problem.

“We’ve basically been at this airport since a little bit after one o’clock this afternoon. We’ll be here until about 11 p.m. tonight,” said Heather Dando of West Middlesex.

Travelers are finding out about their cancelations with very little notice.

Janelle Ellcessor of Brookfield was supposed to travel to Myrtle Beach this week with her husband. Twenty minutes before boarding their flight, a text from Spirit said their flight had been canceled.

“At the gate, it said our flight was on time. We stood there for maybe 10 minutes and it still said flight was on time. And then, everybody else started getting that text that the flight was canceled,” Ellcessor said.

Katie Masters of Warren had a similar issue in late July.

When leaving Puerto Rico, she waited roughly 18 hours for a delay before flying home. She says her flight’s pilot revealed the most information about the long wait.

“He was over flight hours, so he wasn’t allowed in the sky. Why they didn’t just tell us that from the get-go? I’m not too sure. He apologized again and asked us to bear with them while they’re dealing with a staff shortage,” Masters said.

Spirit Airlines has given vouchers and refunds to travelers, but people just want to get home.

“It’s going to be a long day,” Dando said. “It’s going to be a long day.”

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