It’s Bulldog weather in Cortland!

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Educators in Cortland are utilizing space in their new building with some scientific installments.

The Lakeview elementary and middle school building on Wakefield Drive now has a weather station on its roof. It’s the first step in a bigger plan to get students hands-on experience in weather, agriculture and business.

Students have access to the roof where the weather station is installed and are instructed how to monitor conditions with the weather station. It also gives them a detailed look at the components of meteorology, which fits into the school’s STEM curriculum. Students can chart the data, which is displayed on a console in the classroom and check the forecast.

STEM teacher Marissa DeFrancesco said students can pull up an app and see the weather, but with the weather station education, they now have a better idea of all the things that go into that forecast.

“Now, they’ve got a little better idea what instruments are involved and how pressure comes into it and temperature and humidity. Whereas I think just looking at the Weather Channel, for example, they’re just seeing a number not how they get there,” DeFrancesco said.

DeFrancesco says the station can be used at any grade level, even with the school’s youngest students.

“In kindergarten, they start learning about weather types so the kindergarten teachers can take the kids on the roof, and they can look at the station and talk about how we get that information,” she said.

Anyone in the community can get online and gain access to the weather station. You just have to download the Weatherlink app, create a username and password and search for Bulldog Weather.

Right now, the students have succulents growing on the roof, but a full garden is planned for the future.

The weather station was funded through a grant.

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