NORTH JACKSON, Ohio (WKBN) – Blueberry season is just getting started. A farm in North Jackson offers “pick your own blueberries”

Ellsworth Berry Farm has been around for 45 years. It opens up after the 4th of July if the crop does well. This year it did.

Picking season is five weeks and goes until the first week of August.

The family-owned business is located off of Gault Road and provides everything you need to pick your own berries. They will also pick them for you.

Customers are supporting a family farm and those working to care for the berries.

“We have a lot of college kids working for us, young people and we pay them well. So, you’re supporting a community effort to support our kids,” said co-owner Laura Lewis.

Next Saturday, the farm will be having a blueberry jam fiddle festival starting at 10 a.m. They’re inviting fiddlers, guitarists or violinists to come meet and play on the farm.