Warren, Ohio (WKBN) – A Warren minister is speaking out after the parking lot of his church was damaged, once again, by someone doing doughnuts.

The latest ordeal happened last week at the East Side Church of Christ on Niles Road.

Church surveillance video shows a car doing doughnuts in the parking, kicking up gravel.

Minister Nick Kelson said this has happened several times since the church moved in 2019 to its current location.

Kelson says the damage creates a fall risk for older members of the church and is costly to fix. Now he’s asking people to stay away from private property doing these types of activities.

“There are places I am sure you can go and have fun. Do the doughnuts, things of that nature, and there are certain tracks and things like that that are in line for those. Just please stay away from the private property, whether it’s a church, any church and any other businesses in the area,” Kelson said.

According to Kelson, the person involved in the latest donut damaging incident did reach out to the church and was apologetic.

Still, the church is looking into adding gates at the parking lot entrances to prevent this from happening in the future.