BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – On Saturday, a group gathered in Boardman to protest mask and COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

They were protesting on the corner of Market Street and Route 224.

Many drivers were honking their horns in support of the protest.

The message protestors were trying to send wasn’t that they were anti-mask or anti-vaccine.

“It’s a choice. If you feel you want to get the vaccine or wear a mask because it is going to keep you safe, God bless. I’ll shake your hand and I’ll support you in that, and same thing with the other way around,” said Anthony Buchmann, Boardman School Board candidate.

They were clear: that they were not against science but believe that everyone should have the freedom to choose.

Buchmann says if they force masks in schools, it wouldn’t stop there. Schools would start enforcing the vaccine.

He said the school is not the ultimate authority — the parent is.