‘It was a sight to be seen’: Severe weather floods Lowellville home

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LOWELLVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) – Heavy storms hit parts of the area Wednesday. Lowellville was one of them where one person had their house flooded.

“It came down like a torrential downpour and I haven’t seen anything like this in probably close to about three or four years,” said Derek Varchulik of Lowellville.

The water came rushing down from the top of North Heights Avenue, carrying a lot of debris.

It then carried its way into Malorie Harklerode’s house.

“I was upstairs cleaning up my son’s room, and my fiancé yelled up that the house was flooding, and I came upstairs and there was, like, ankle-deep water in my living room,” Harklerode said.

The water rushed through her kids’ playground.

By the time First News returned around 7:30 p.m., the water had disappeared and they were cleaning up inside, but a lot of things were destroyed.

“Me and my kids and our dog, we’re all OK. So, it’s just stuff, but we’ll get it fixed. We’ll get it replaced,” Harklerode said.

Varchulik says he got some water in his garage and basement, but he didn’t expect so much.

“It was a sight to be seen,” Varchulik said. “Even videos and that didn’t do it justice or pictures, like you had to see it. How much it was rushing over.”

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