YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The summer weather is here just in time to take the cover off the pool. Is it too late to invest in a pool for the summer season?

A local pool supply owner talked about how inflation has led to supply shortage issues as well as things you should keep in mind when maintaining your own backyard pool.

“Shortages still going on between hot tubs and pools, so you’re still on a delay. Even if you do buy a pool today, you’re expecting some time in July for install,” said Brian Remias, owner of Caribbean Pools and Hot Tubs.

Remias has been in the pool business for 16 years and said if you plan on enjoying a home-owned pool for the summer, now is the time to get your backyard prepared.

“There’s a lack of production going on so materials are not coming in as fast as you normally see them,” said Remias.

Remias said there are still some shortages of chlorine tablets and pool sanitization chemicals. If you already have a pool or hot tub installed there are things you want to monitor.

“Always using chlorine, shocking once a week, always using an algae side,” said Remias.

Remias said a Shock is a chemical used once a week that kills the bacteria in the water that is then removed through the filter. Caribbean Pools and Hot Tubs offer free water tests to analyze the quality of your pool’s water.

Remias said installing a pool is a process — an even longer process with inflation issues.

“Do it now before prices do go up again and you see another shortage and you are on an even longer waiting list,” said Remias.

Caribbean Pools expects to see around 4,000 families throughout the summer buying pools, hot tubs, and supplies.