NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – Investigators released body-camera footage from one of the officers involved in the deadly shooting of a suspect in Niles.

Video from Officer James Reppy shows him get out of the car and fire shots toward Matthew Burroughs, who was in a white car.

Those shots did not hit Burroughs, according to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, which investigated the shooting.

According to BCI, three shots fired from the other officer, Chris Mannella, hit Burroughs in the chest. Those shots killed him, the coroner reported.

Both officers said they believed that Burroughs was driving toward Mannella and was planning to hit him.

Another video shows events after the shooting. That video shows the body cameras of Mannella, Adkins, Mobley and Meyers after Burroughs had been shot.

According to the police chief, while an internal investigation found that the shooting of Burroughs was justified, he said there was a violation of the department’s policy on body-worn cameras.

The internal report says Officer Mannella, Officer Paul Hogan and Lt. Dan Adkins did not have their body-worn cameras turned on during the incident.

Mannella told officers that he alternates wearing his body armor from an external carrier vest to the traditional under-the-shirt carrier and the camera is not in the same position on each of the uniforms. He said he tried to turn it on when he saw the suspect’s vehicle, but it was not located where he instinctively went to. He said as the incident evolved, he wasn’t able to quickly turn it on.

According to the chief, discipline will be issued in regard to that violation.