Investigators: Men involved in Youngstown club shooting no strangers to justice system

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Youngstown's law director said officials are now looking into the north side social club's activities

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Investigators are saying the people involved in a deadly shooting at a north side Youngstown social club over the weekend have had run-ins with the law before.

Robert Shelton is in custody after being arrested Tuesday morning, charged in connection with one death outside of Brothers of Power Classic Cars on Logan Avenue. He is expected to appear in front of a judge Wednesday.

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U.S. Marshals found the 44-year-old in a Liberty apartment after they received a tip.

Police issued a warrant for Shelton’s arrest Monday. They said he ran away after Sunday morning’s shooting that killed three and hurt two.

Local police and federal authorities confirmed none of those involved in the wild shootout are strangers to the justice system. Investigators said that includes the owner of the club.

“We don’t want to stand here and, again, identify specifics of their backgrounds but there were life choices that they made, as far as where they were at and what circumstances,” said Youngstown Police Chief Robin Lees.

Shelton has a record dating back to 1994 and spent time in federal prison for a weapons conviction.

Charles Pullen, who was killed in the shooting, was sent to federal prison in 2009, only to be charged last year with violating terms of his release. He had his federal supervision time extended.

Dymond Ortello, who police say Shelton shot and killed, spent time in state prison on drug-related convictions in both Mahoning and Columbiana counties. He was released from parole last April.

His brother, Daniel Ortello, was also shot and killed Sunday morning.

Daniel Ortello was indicted on murder and other charges in 2009 and ruled incompetent to stand trial. He spent time in mental institutions until he was released with supervision.

In April of last year, Daniel Ortello was one of eight people indicted on federal drug charges. He had a hearing scheduled later this month.

Among the others in that indictment was Robert Taylor, who police said owns Brothers of Power and another bar up the street.

In November, Taylor was sentenced to serve a little over nine years in prison. He reported to the federal prison in Morgantown three weeks ago.

Youngstown’s law director said officials are now looking into Brothers of Power’s activities but no action has been taken yet.

U.S. Marshals also arrested Jasmine Jackson Tuesday. She was inside the apartment where Shelton was found. She faces a federal charge of obstruction, accused of hiding Shelton.

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