YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The charred wood and pried away siding are not the only signs the home at 405 N. Bon Air that was heavily damaged in an arson late Tuesday has a history.

There are also the half dozen bullet holes in the car in the drive and the house itself that came from a drive-by shooting last July.

No one was hurt in that shooting, but the scars were still there when someone tossed some sort of incendiary device through the front window just before midnight Tuesday.

No one was home at the time of the fire but firefighters found a dog inside and rescued it. There were four other dogs outside the home also. Authorities were allowing the homeowners to make arrangements to take the dogs somewhere else.

The entire first floor was destroyed and the house will probably be condemned, said Fire Investigator Capt. Kurt Wright of the city fire department.

In the driveway is a late model Mustang that appears to have not moved since an early morning shooting on July 30. Reports said police received a call for gunfire, and when they arrived, they found 33 spent shell casings on nearby Connecticut Avenue from two different weapons.

The car was struck at least a half dozen times as well as the house. Someone used a combination of steel wool and caulking to seal the bullet holes in the side of the house.

Police were called to the home Saturday evening for a gunfire call, but that turned out to be unfounded, according to a 911 call log. Police were also at the house in December for a fight and February for an animal problem, the call logs state.

A vehicle in the driveway is riddled with bullet holes from a shooting on July 30.