BLOOMFIELD TWP., Ohio (WKBN) — Detectives continue their investigation after a 17-year-old was hit by a vehicle and killed at a party in Trumbull County early Sunday morning.

Investigators say Mark Slabaugh was killed in a hit-and-run in a wooded area behind Plank Road, near Mahan Parker Road in Bloomfield.

According to the Trumbull County Coroner’s Office, Slabaugh’s death has been ruled accidental due to blunt force trauma to the chest.

Detective Wayne Mackey at the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office says there were about 200 people out in the woods, mostly teenagers. He says some of the partygoers took vehicles on the dirt trails around midnight.

Two people called 911 just before 12:45 a.m. to report that Slabaugh had been hit:

Caller 1: “We need emergency right now.
Dispatcher: “What emergency? What’s the emergency?”
Caller 1: “Kid got ran over by a truck.”

Caller 2: “My cousin was driven over by a car. He was drinking. He’s not breathing.”
Dispatcher: “Ok. We have help on the way. Who ran him over?”
Caller 2: “We don’t know, we have no idea.”

Investigators say the suspect took off from the scene.

Michael Reiner contributed to this report.