AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – For 19 hours police said they were willing to wait out a woman barricaded inside her Austintown apartment with her 9-year-old son, but late Tuesday afternoon, all that changed when Ohio State troopers shot Imonie Hackett and rescued the boy.

After Hackett was taken from the scene by ambulance, Ohio’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation started processing the scene at Westchester Square. Now, troopers with BCI’s Special Investigations Unit will review the shooting itself.

“That will be kind of the crux of the investigation and speaking to those troopers as to why they made the decisions that they made at the time,” said Special Agent Mark Kollar. “This would include things like interviewing all of the participants and the witnesses to the encounter.”

At this point, Austintown police are handling the standoff and have filed charges of child endangering and inducing panic against Hackett.

Although BCI will only investigate the officer-involved shooting, that process could take a while.

“We probably would have to go back to the beginning, certainly what led to police being there to begin with and any conduct that occurred throughout that potential standoff,” Kollar said.

Kollar said agents try to have cases like this completed within 60 days, but there are no guarantees it won’t take longer.

In the end, investigators will turn over their case to the county prosecutor to determine whether the shooting was justified or not.