Intoxicated man arrested at Avalon Inn after groping teen hostess, police say

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The girl said he came up to her at the hostess booth and started talking to her about "how great women are"

Robert Zenobi, Howland, sexual imposition

HOWLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – A Canton man was arrested Saturday after police say he groped a teen girl in Trumbull County.

Robert Zenobi, 63, is facing charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Security at Avalon Inn and Resort on E. Market Street had to remove a group of golfers Saturday evening. Witnesses said the golfers were reaching over and eating other people’s food. A bartender said one of them chewed up his receipt and spit it at her.

According to a report, the country club called police for help after one of the golfers, identified as Zenobi, grabbed a 17-year-old hostess, kissed her and groped her breast.

The teen said he came up to her at the hostess booth and started talking to her about “how great women are.” She said he then put her in a headlock, and kissed her head and forehead multiple times.

Zenobi also put his arm around her and grabbed her breast over her shirt, according to the police report. The girl said it left a red mark on her skin.

When a police officer got there, he said Zenobi was pushing the security officer and yelling at him. The police officer ordered Zenobi to stop but he didn’t, according to the report.

Police wrestled Zenobi to the ground to handcuff him.

Zenobi seemed to be very intoxicated, police said.

As the officer walked him to the police cruiser, Zenobi continued pushing and yelling about how he didn’t do anything, according to the report.

Zenobi is not allowed to return to Avalon Inn.

He was later released from jail and is expected to appear in court on his charges.

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