Interactive telling machines take banking out of the lobby

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One local branch manager called it part of the future

(WKBN) – You’re used to looking at screens during the day; your phone and computer are two of the most used.

Two local banks are using a screen that will talk to you, instead of waiting in the teller line.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union on US-224 has a Personal Teller Machine, which features a live person who can help you.    

“When we take people out to this machine and introduce them to it, 9.9 times out of 10, they’re thrilled and they look forward to using it again in the future,” said Branch Manager Martin Gorbey.

Seven Seventeen has these teller machines in nine of its 12 branches and started using them 18 months ago. It says the majority of its transactions are now done outside of the lobby.

“It just seems like it’s a much better experience overall. On top of that, it guarantees the accuracy of the transaction, which is huge,” Gorbey said.

Instead of getting all $20 bills, customers can even choose larger or smaller denominations.
Farmers National Bank has the same machine along US-224 but calls it an Interactive Teller Machine.

Among its 93,000 members, one 84-year-old woman taught herself how to use it.

“This is not just a branch for young, tech-savvy, college-age students,” said Branch Manager Rick Cruz.

The video tellers can answer any question or simply help you through a deposit or withdrawal, whether it be inside the bank or even the drive-thru, and the hours are longer.

“The advantage is you’re getting the use of technology but still with the touch of a live person, so we’re not getting rid of the personal touch,” Cruz said.

But in a time of COVID-19, you don’t have to worry about the touch. The screen is anti-microbial. The machines can also be used without the live teller feature, but most customers are embracing it.

“It’s more accurate. It’s more secure. These have the latest anti-skimming and anti-fraud detection capabilities as well, so you’re guaranteed to have a good experience with the machine itself,” Gorbey said.

“Definitely, this is going to be a part of our future, the direction that we’re going,” Cruz said.

The two-way interactive tellers are part of a new style that the branch managers say are helping customers stay on the cutting edge.

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