YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Mahoning County property values saw big changes following the release of the triennial update for tax year 2020, calendar year 2021.

The average change for residential property was over 13%. Goshen Township had a 21% change, and Lowellville jumped 18%, along with a part of Poland.

Agricultural property was up about 8.5%, led by one district of Boardman going up 25%.

The triennial update reviewed sales over the past three years to determine the values.

This reappraisal is conducted by the county auditor once every six years and sent for approval by the State of Ohio Department of Taxation.

“I was surprised about the overall theme. Pricing on residential housing, the assessments are higher,” said Mahoning County Auditor Ralph Meacham. “Anecdotally, you know that houses are not on the market very long, and they’re going at asking or above asking price. That theme was played out in the reassessment this time around.”

According to Meacham, a change in value does not always result in a comparable change in property taxes, due to the guidelines set in House Bill 920. In this bill, representatives forbade school districts from collecting more money from the taxpayers than the voters had already approved.

“As values in a district increase or decrease during the reappraisal cycle, effective tax rates inversely increase or decrease, therefore ensuring that a voted levy will not generate more money than was approved at the ballot by the voters,” Meacham said.

Homeowners who don’t believe they could sell their property for the amount of the county appraisal can appeal their case. March 31 is the deadline to file that appeal with the Board of Revision.

A link to the triennial update is available here, where you can see the changes for your district. Questions can be directed at the auditor’s office by calling (330) 740-2010.