In sickness and in health, St. Elizabeth Boardman employees fulfill dying man’s wish

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Intensive Care staff at St. Elizabeth Health Center in Boardman helped a dying man fulfill a lifelong wish. 

Employees helped Larry and Mary Ann Kimble have a religious wedding ceremony. 

The couple was married in a civil ceremony at the courthouse 42 years ago. 

They raised four children, and it was always Mary Ann’s dream to speak her vows before a minister and wear a wedding dress. 

“We never had a real wedding. I always wanted to wear a wedding dress,” Mary Anne said. 

As Larry entered the hospital for the final time, Mary Ann said she had given up on that dream. 

Larry’s health had taken a turn for the worse last winter. The couple said a prayer with the pastor when Larry spoke about his dream for his wife. 

“Larry looked over at me and says, ‘I want to remarry you, and you are going to wear a wedding dress,’ and I just started crying,” Mary Anne said. 

Nurses heard the couple’s story and wanted to make that last wish happen. 

“It was the day we decided to just take him off the machines and stop, and [a nurse] said, ‘No, wait. We will make this wedding happen,’ and she did,” said Mary Anne. 

Nurse Nicole Hull, the nurse manager for the ICU, organized flowers, cake and dresses.

“Nicole busted her butt in like two hours and got all this gathered up, and we had the wedding. Mom got to wear her dress and make dad’s final wishes come true,” said Larry Kimble, Jr.

Hull said she was honored to be able to fulfill Kimble’s final wishes.

“In ICU, we’re either going to help you live or we’re going to help you at the end of life and help it be the best that it can be,” she said. 

In this case, that meant pulling together a wedding.

Just a few days later, Larry Kimble passed away, his final wish fulfilled. 

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