YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – In continuing her In-Depth With series with former Mahoning County prosecutor Paul Gains, WKBN’s Community Affairs Director talked with Gains about some of his challenges while he was in office.

“We’re still seeing the high instances of Black-on-Black crime. That has not really changed in the 26 years, I believe, that you’ve been in office,” Dee said.

“The numbers have been reduced considerably,” Gains responded. “The statistical data from the Youngstown Police Department, primarily Youngstown, indicate that there’s been a major reduction in the last 26 years since I came into office. And I believed that when I assumed office in 1997 that just my taking office would cause a reduction in the crime, which it did because I put an end to the case-fixing. And that work got out, and people were being prosecuted when they committed crimes for buying their way out of it.”

Gains also discussed some recent legislation that has been passed.

“Well…we can only enforce the laws that are passed. Unfortunately, I saw in ‘The Plain Dealer’ that for some reason, the legislature and the Democrats in the legislature decided to oppose a bill calling for incarceration of repeat violent offenders that are caught carrying firearm, and I’m disappointed in that because that’s been a major problem that we’ve had, and as a result of that, the feds have had to come in and take those cases because they have a much more strict sentencing scheme on repeat violent offenders carrying firearms,” he said.

On Wednesday, Gains reflected on his career and retirement. You can see that interview here.