(WKBN) – On this week’s In-Depth segment, WKBN Community Affairs Director Dee Crawford sits down with Cheryl McRae, who’s on the board of McGuffey Centre, about some exciting news that will be taking place very soon.

Before discussing the McGuffey Centre’s events, McRae went over the history of the center.

“[The] McGuffey Centre has a long history on the Sharon Line. It was started by Mrs. Birdie Welcher back in the late twenties. So it became the heartbeat of the Sharon Line. It was a place for us to go as kids growing up. So it was just a great opportunity to grow up in McGuffey Centre, to have the opportunity to become a community. We all felt like family there,” McRae said.

The reason it’s called the Sharon Line is because it’s where the old trolley used to turn around.

“They had a trolley car that came from Sharon, Pennsylvania, down Jacobs Road, all the way out to Lincoln Knolls Plaza. So that was called the Sharon Line, and where McGuffey Centre is located, that was stop 27. Stop 25 also is a historical area because that’s where we also have festivities and everything going on every year out there too. Just to commemorate everybody from the Sharon Line and just have a good time and bring everybody back together,” McRae said.

An upcoming event is the Sharon Line Reunion on Friday, Sept. 1. It will be a scholarship dinner-dance where they present a scholarship to a graduate of Austintown Fitch High School. Tickets cost $50 and can be bought by calling McRae at 330-774-4151.

“Our parade will be starting from Bailey Park and coming to McGuffey Center this time,” McRae said.

Festivities will be held at the McGuffey Center.

“We will have vendors. We will be selling food, and it’s just going to be a whole lot of different activities going on for children and adults,” McRae said.

Vendors will also be at Stop 25 along Jacobs Road, across from Reese Chapel.

“They are a group that does something every summer out there, some kind of festival. They have different activities for children down there going on, and we’re just a collaborative type o thing just to highlight McGuffey Center to bring activity back to the center,” McRae said.

The culminating event to happen Sunday is the worship service. Reverend Gary Frost is organizing the service with his committee.

“There’s going to be singing, there’s going to be the Word. And we just want the community to come out and fellowship with us and become a family again. Bring your lawn chairs because we will be outside for this event,” McRae said.