(WKBN) — In this In-Depth segment, we will wrap up our conversation with the head of counseling with Mahoning County Juvenile Court Karen Guerrieri. We’re going to learn about another program that can help you or someone you know address problems with trauma.

Stand, Grow, Thrive, Mahoning Resiliency Movement is a collaboration with several organizations in the community.

“We have several sectors represented and a large number of community organizations and county organizations and agencies that are part of this coalition doing this important work, and our main goal is to dispel myths surrounding trauma while also building a more resilient Mahoning County,” said Guerrieri.

How is this funded?

“We’re funded through support from the different entities that are a part of the organization, and we just receive some funding from the Mental Health and Recovery Board to support some of the initiatives that we have going on this year. This organization was founded through the vision and recognition of how important having somebody having a group of people work towards addressing trauma and resilience in our community by Judge Dellick at Juvenile Court and Duane Piccirilli at the Mental Health and Recovery Board in 2019, and they invited many people to the table. A lot of individuals in the community were having these conversations and recognizing this need, and they pushed the movement forward,” said Guerrieri.

If you want to know more you can always call the mental health board.

“If you’re in between insurance spaces. Right. So like you said, not Medicaid eligible, but also not eligible or can’t afford HMO insurance there. The Mental Health and Recovery Board partners with different agencies and has information about who offers sliding fee scales at reduced rates for individuals who are income eligible,” said Guerrieri.

Guerrieri said if you’re experiencing this or you see someone who could use this service, there is help available.

“One of the things we have in Mahoning County that’s a tribute to our community is we have a wealth of behavioral health and mental health providers for both adolescents, children and adults,” said Guerrieri.

If you’re not within one category, there is always that referral system that’s available to connect you to the right agency to get the service. But the point is to communicate.

“Reach out to the Mental Health and Recovery Board. Reach out to Help Network. They could help connect you with… with who can offer you the services that you need. Reach out to me if you need help finding a counselor or an agency, I’m happy to assist you,” said Guerrieri.