YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – In this segment of our In-Depth interview, WKBN’s Community Affairs Director Dee Crawford talks with Briasia Brown, who is the oldest sister of Armani Wainwright.

Wainwright was shot in killed in Youngstown last year. The investigation into her death is ongoing.

Brown came to Youngstown from Akron to help her mother take care of her sister’s children. Both women work and share the childcare.

“It’s been very tough. Everyone just wants to keep my family together, you know, and all,” she said. “I get the kids when I can. I’m working down here, now, and I work a lot. We just pretty much rotate between all of us. And with this, anything that I can help out with,” Brown said.

Brown said on the say her sister was killed, it was her youngest sister Claire who told her the awful news. Since then, the whole family has been struggling with grief.

“This is very hard. I’m pretty much like my grandfather said when they (Wainwright’s children) ask questions, we don’t have the right answers. We don’t even have the answers ourselves,” she said. “It’s hard to give them answers.”

Brown said at this point she would just like to see justice and Armani’s killer caught.

“I know nothing is going to change the situation. We still have to get through it,” she said. “I am handling it without counseling, but I feel like I need counseling.”

Brown puts in 12-hour days but she still has a lot of time to think about what happened.

“It’s not really coping,” she said.