In complaint, accused murderer Claudia Hoerig says she was kidnapped from Brazil

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In two separate documents for a total of 15 pages, accused killer Claudia Hoerig has filed more handwritten complaints from her cell at the Trumbull County Jail.

She’s being held there while she faces murder charges stemming from the death of her husband, Karl Hoerig, who was found dead in their Newton Falls home in 2007. Shortly after the murder, investigators said Hoerig fled to her native country of Brazil, where she stayed for several years until she was brought back to the U.S. earlier this year.

Last week, Hoerig filed a complaint asking for toenail clippers. Now she says she was kidnapped when she was brought back to the United States to face her murder charges.

Sent to the Clerk of Courts’ Office this week, Hoerig’s complaint alleges that Trumbull County Court Judge Andrew Logan has refused to address the state’s “violation” of her “constitutional rights.”

She contends that her extradition to the U.S. involved the bribing and coercion of Brazilian officials and the use of a fraudulent passport.

“I was kidnapped from Brazil to Trumbull County by USA/Ohio authorities under the direction of a lying and manipulative prosecutor, Mr. Dennis Watkins, that even was part of a slender TV campaign that was aired both in Brazil and the U.S.A. to portray me as ‘she-devil’ and get the public opinion in favor of my extradition, [sic]” she wrote.

She added that Prosecutor Dennis Watkins lied about her on national TV, violating her due process in the case.

She complained that the media has shown bias against her by using images of her husband as a younger man while they show images of “old Claudia.”

Hoerig also believes that her $10 million bail is excessive and unconstitutional.

She wrote that her attorneys have refused to help her file the appeals and that she can’t afford a private lawyer.

“I need to be put in freedom so I myself can work on my defense and just hand my counsels the work done that they were paid to do but didn’t,” she wrote. “I have no access to law books or to a computer for typing or to the internet for research [sic].”

Already, Hoerig has filed a number of complaints and petitions, asking to move her case out of Trumbull Countyasking to have her murder charge dropped and to throw out her case and saying she is being harassed by jail staff.

Read the full filings from this week below:

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