YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – In a matter of 24 hours, there have been at least eight reports of gunfire, with at least five people being shot, one of whom has died.

This is a breakdown of the recent gunfire in the city.

Youngstown Streets

Market Street

Two people were injured in a shooting at the Shell station at 3200 Market St. It happened around 1 a.m. Tuesday.

Police said a car with two men and two women inside was stopped at a gas pump when someone in a passing car opened fire. All four people ran into the gas station.

The two men were hit by bullets. They are expected to recover.

Wilson Avenue

Around 3 p.m. Tuesday, a woman showed up at the Campbell Police Department after she says she and her son were shot at while driving.

The woman told police she was driving down Wilson Avenue, when a BMW pulled up next to her, lowered its rear window, and a man with a black mask put a gun out the window and started shooting.

No one was hurt, and at this time, police are still investigating.

Mohawk Avenue

One person was killed and two others were injured after a shooting on the city’s South Side around 5:30 Tuesday.

A three-year-old was one of the victims injured in the shooting, along with two adults. One man was killed, and a woman was taken to the hospital, along with the toddler. Both were listed in stable condition.

Officials say one car was shooting at the other, and the victims were chased by a suspect down a dead-end street, and the suspect began shooting at them toward the end of the street. The victims’ car then ended up on a nearby lawn, where the shooting ended.

East Auburndale

A person called police to report hearing lots of gunfire. A bullet hole was found in the front window of the home. No one was injured.

South Jackson

Four homes were shot at on South Jackson Street early Wednesday morning.

Police were called about 12:45 a.m. to the 300 block of South Jackson Street for reports of gunfire, and when they arrived, they discovered one home had been hit at least eight times by gunfire.

Overall, police found roughly 60 shell casings. No injuries have been reported, and police are still investigating.

The video above is the full press conference from the Youngstown Police Department and Mayor Tito Brown on the recent gun violence in Youngstown.