YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Almost a week after he was shot in Liberty Township, Domino’s delivery driver Orlando Soto, Sr. is asking for the community’s help in identifying the two people he says shot him.

Soto had only worked at Domino’s for about a week when he was robbed and shot while making what he thought was a legitimate delivery on E. Montrose Street.

“He just comes out and puts a gun to my head and tells me, basically, to give up all my money, my tip money, give up everything I had,” Soto said. “All I could think about is my kids, my family.”

Soto said he didn’t get a good look at their faces but believes two young men were involved.

“I’m screaming out please don’t do this. I got a son on the way. I’m just a delivery driver trying to relate to them, calling them bro,” Soto said. “After five minutes of them yelling at me, demanding money and everything, I ended up finding my wallet, handed it to them, and they end up pushing me on the ground. Thirty seconds later, I hear a gunshot pop. I ended up getting shot.”

Soto drove himself back to Domino’s. Another delivery driver took him to the hospital.

No arrests have been made in the case, but Liberty Township Police Chief Toby Meloro says his detectives are working diligently.

“We’re trying to work with our victim and let him know that we’re doing everything in our power to bring this to a conclusion,” Meloro said.

Soto is still recovering. Now, he’s asking for the community to step up so that the people who shot him are taken off the street.

“It shouldn’t have happened, especially in that community. I’m just asking, I’m begging the community to please help me. We got to bring this to justice,” Soto said.

Domino’s is supplying the police department with $5,000 in reward money for anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the subjects involved in the robbery and shooting

All information can be reported either on social media pages of the Liberty Township Police Department or by phone at 330-539-9847. All information will be considered confidential.