SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – At Monday night’s Salem City School Board meeting, safety concerns were brought up. They stem from a case involving a kindergartner at Buckeye Elementary.

Two parents spoke about their concern for the safety of their daughter in the same class. They claim the situation has gotten worse.

“I’m still unsure of what exactly is going to be done to help these students, these students that have issues,” said parent Gisell Middleton.

“There’s such crazy things coming home in my daughter’s head that ‘I’m scared. I’m scared in the classroom,'” said parent Michael Middleton.

Superintendent Sean Kirkland couldn’t speak about the specific incident but defended the actions they put in place when it comes to safety.

“I think we do a very good job of providing every single kid in the district with the utmost safety we possibly can on a daily basis,” Kirkland said.

The parents claim the student in question is making violent remarks.

“Put into words, put into proper phrases, ‘I’m going to come here and do this to you,'” Michael said.

The Middletons have three daughters in the Salem school system. Michael says he’s always been proud of the school in the past.

“My Quaker pride is definitely front and center but my fatherly fear is always going to trump that,” he said.

“I understand that fear. I go to sleep every night with that fear for about 2,000 kids. I get it. I have my own son. I get it,” Kirkland said.

Kirkland says he is well-informed about the incident and insists every protocol was followed.