YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — There have been several incidents of illegal dumping in Youngstown over the past week and some of them have been caught on tape.

The railroad tracks under the McGuffey Road Bridge carry motorists from Youngstown’s Northside to the Eastside. A few weeks ago, 100 tires were illegally dumped there. They’ve since been cleaned up.

Bob Burke, the coordinator of Youngstown’s Litter and Recycling Department, also sent videos Thursday taken by city surveillance cameras hoping someone out there can identify the people who Burke says are illegally dumping.

Tires aren’t the only items being illegally dumped under Youngstown’s McGuffey Road Bridge. A silver SUV being driven by a woman, who on this day was wearing a red top and black pants, could be seen on video dumping a bag of trash next to the railroad tracks

A few days later, the same SUV and the same woman again pulled up underneath the bridge. This time she was dressed in what appeared to be all white as she dumped her trash next to the tracks.

Next, on Youngstown’s West Side behind the Mahoning Plaza at South Dunlap and Mahoning Avenues, a black pickup pulled in loaded with looks to be lawn or landscaping debris. When the pick-up left a few minutes later, the debris is gone from the bed of the pickup.

Finally, on the East Side and an access road near the intersection of Hubbard and Jacobs Roads, a white SUV could be seen driving in and leaving. Burke said the only reason it would have to use the road is to dump something illegally.

On Edgar Avenue on Youngstown’s East Side, construction debris was illegally dumped.

Burke said there is no reason to dump illegally. Call him at city hall, and he’ll find a way to get rid of anything.