‘I hope that people are tired of watching this stuff,’ Rep. Ryan says of mass shootings

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Local Congressman and presidential candidate Tim Ryan said even more tragedy is just making people angrier

DAYTON, Ohio (WKBN) – Valley Congressman and Democratic presidential candidate Tim Ryan is not backing down on calls for lawmakers to finally pass new gun control legislation in the wake of the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso. Ryan thinks people are just getting angrier.

Addressing the nation Monday morning, President Trump said lawmakers need to work together on gun control.

“Open wounds cannot heal if we are divided. We must seek real bipartisan solutions.”

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“We’re going to hold his feet to the fire,” Ryan said.

Speaking from his hotel room in Dayton, Ryan said members of the U.S. Senate need to pass language already approved in the House, outlawing the sale of guns at shows or online without strong background checks.

“The president should tell McConnell, ‘Come back, get these cranked out, I’ll sign them,'” Ryan said.

In the wake of the tragedies in Dayton and El Paso, Ryan canceled several days of presidential campaign events to spend time in Ohio, admitting anger over mass shootings is growing.

“Then you see Dayton and El Paso, you know, two iconic American cities, within 13 hours of each other — it adds up,” he said.

But Ryan said he’s also frustrated with those, like the president, who make ties between shootings and mental health issues or violence in entertainment.

“It’s a distortion. When four out of five have nothing to do with mental health, or video games or anything else, this is about people having access to these weapons.”

Claiming the majority of Americans — including gun owners — agree with stronger background checks, Ryan thinks lawmakers will finally take action.

“I hope that people are tired of watching this stuff on TV and feeling helpless. I hope we can feel fearless,” he said.

Before scenes like those in El Paso and Dayton play out again.

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