PITTSBURGH (WKBN) – Two months ago, Poland’s Kristin Fox — a married mother of two — ended up with both arms and legs amputated below the elbows and knees after being diagnosed with the flu. She’s now in Pittsburgh undergoing physical therapy and said it’s going very well.

The 39-year-old, who is Campbell High School’s assistant principal, was transferred from Youngstown to Pittsburgh two weeks ago for therapy, which she does for three hours a day.

“I’m sitting up on my own, rolling on my own, getting into my wheelchair on my own,” she said.

Kristin’s therapist said she’s been learning how to use an electric hand, which will eventually allow her to lead a normal life.

“This is what will eventually go at the end of Kristin’s prosthetic arms, and it has fully extendable fingers that straighten and bend,” said Phebe Lockyer, Kristin’s therapist.

“It was difficult at first because the first day, they told me to use my fingers. Well, I don’t really have fingers, so I had to mentally use my mind to pretend that I had the fingers and move my nerve muscles in my arms,” Kristin said.

She has an amazingly positive attitude, considering what she’s gone through. She said she’s only cried twice.

“I can’t change the situation, so the situation is what it is,” Kristin said. “I have to keep fighting for my kids, for my husband, for my family, for my friends, for my kids at school.”

So far, the therapy has only been on her arms. Her legs will come next.

Kristin plans to return home on June 18 and she has some very aggressive goals.

“My goal is to be [at work] by September, the end of October at the latest.”

A fundraiser has been planned to help Kristin and her family with medical expenses. The $10 spaghetti dinner is Saturday, June 6 from noon to 4 p.m. at Donavito’s in Struthers. It’ll be drive-by and pick-up only.