VIENNA, Ohio (WKBN) – In an ideal situation, mothers would want to have a baby born in a hospital. But for one mother in Vienna, she had no choice but in the back of an ambulance.

Tuesday night, she got to meet the firefighters who were there for her and they got to meet baby Louis.

“I went to my mom’s and I just walked in and I just started crying and I was like, ‘Mom, something doesn’t feel right,'” said Heather Sizemore.

A mother’s intuition. Sizemore knew that she was about to go into labor.

With no time to waste, her mom called 911, and within minutes, Vienna Fire Department Captain Matt Gordon and firefighter Mark Haddle were there.

Vienna firefighters deliver baby

“A lot of people think that delivering a baby is this great thing in an ambulance. It’s actually one of my least favorite calls to run and we’ve been kidding about it and then it happened,” Gordon said.

Sizemore needed to go to the hospital — the baby was coming.

“He said, ‘Let me know when you’re having another contraction,’ and I said, ‘I feel him, right now,'” Sizemore said.

In the back of an ambulance, baby Louis was welcomed into the world. A month early, but healthy — weighing 5 pounds, 2 ounces.

“I felt like my body was in shock and I was in shock because I couldn’t believe what was happening in the moment because I was not ready,” Sizemore said.

Andrew Sigurani, the baby’s father, met Sizemore at the hospital.

On Tuesday, both of them got to thank the two men who helped bring their son into the world. In return, they had some special gifts for the baby.

“We got Louie his own fire department uniform,” Haddle said.

“That’s cute!” Sizemore said.

Delivering a baby is no easy task. Chief Richard Brannon had the parents present special pins to the two.

“I finally got a stork pin,” Gordon said.

“He’s something special to us. This is my first time delivering a baby in the back of a squad,” Haddle said.

And the first time for the department in an ambulance.

“Oh, it’s definitely cool. Yeah, don’t get me wrong about not liking to run that particular. It’s awesome. It’s very cool, especially when everything works out just fine and the baby is nice and pink and, ‘Hey, here’s your son, Louie,'” Gordon said.

“Just looking at him and just knowing he was alive, crying, safe, healthy. It was amazing,” Sizemore said.