LIBERTY TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – Answers are still being sought in the death of Lori Pullin Lynn in Liberty Township.

She was found dead back in 2017 on a tractor submerged in a pond on her mother’s farm.

Her death was initially ruled an accident, but several months later, it was ruled a homicide. Ever since then, her family has been searching for answers.

August 1 is the four-year anniversary of her murder, but her killer still walks free. Her family hopes that they’ll see justice.

Samantha Lynn is Lori’s daughter.

“Before we even found her, I knew. I knew in my heart. It was just one of those sinking feelings,” Samantha said.

She and other family members have been working tirelessly ever since, even launching their own investigation when her death was classified as an accident.

Her family tried to preserve any evidence that may have been in her car early on, but as regular civilians, they didn’t really know how to do that.

“We hired a private investigator and did everything we know how as private citizens,” Samantha said.

They’ve spent close to $100,000 on their own investigation after Lori’s death was originally deemed a tragic farm accident. They hired the private investigator, who started looking into the case only weeks after Lori was found.

Private Investigator Bob Friedrick is a former FBI agent and says those months that passed before her death was ruled a homicide were crucial to the investigation.

“I worked Gangland murders in the bureau, and I didn’t do the forensics, I just did the investigation after forensics. If this was properly investigated within the first three days, they probably could have solved it,” Friedrick said.

Lori was supposed to meet her mother at the house that day but left to find her when she wasn’t home.

The farm house has surveillance cameras, and Samantha and her aunt Diane Pullin watched hours of video to catch a glimpse of her car returning to the house.

“We watched this video 50 or 60 times over and over again before we found small blip of the car. It came down through the driveway right here and it made a sharp left,” Samantha said.

The route it took though was not down the driveway.

The family found Lori’s brand new 2017 car parked on an old burn pile.

“We caught such a small sliver of the car, but you can tell for sure it’s the car,” Samantha said.

Today, the family has a website up to try to get more leads.

“It’s completely confidential. We still have a $20,000 reward,” Samantha said.

They’re also in the process of sending out nearly 7,000 postcards, and two billboards just went up this week.

“Maybe someone saw the driver of Lori’s car when it came back to the farm house when it drove behind the farm house behind the wood-line,” Diane said.

As more time goes on, the chance of solving the case dwindles, but her family is still seeking answers.

“We are still fighting tirelessly, and we will continue. It’s in your blood. I don’t care how long it takes,” Samantha said.

If you have any information on this case, you can go to the family’s website and submit a tip or call Liberty police.