VIENNA, Ohio (WKBN) — It’s been a month since Tammy Brown was severely burned by hot cooking oil at her home in Vienna.

“I actually feel blessed,” said Brown.

For someone seriously burned a month ago, Brown is filled with optimism.

“My family is here, we’re all here and we’re safe, and like I said these things will heal. This is just superficial stuff but it’s gonna heal in time,” said Brown.

Her burns and a mark on the carpet are visible reminders of what happened on June 23 when Brown carried a pan of oil that caught fire out of her Avalon Creek Boulevard apartment burning her feet, arms, and legs in the process.

“I just started praying, ‘Lord help me get this pan outside,’ cuz I could hear my grandbabies and they were screaming and crying, ‘Grandma,’ and I just knew I just continued to carry it and God gave me the strength to carry it the rest of the way outside while I was on fire,” said Brown.

Brown spent 11 days in the hospital. She already underwent skin graft surgery, but may need a few more. She continues traveling to Akron each week for appointments and will soon start physical therapy.

“They told me it’s gonna take like a year before a lot of this heals and that the redness it’ll start to go away but it’s gonna be a long road to recovery but we’ll get there,” said Brown.

Brown admits it’s been hard, but says she doesn’t think she would do anything differently.

“I got burnt but my family is safe, my neighbors are safe. Burns will heal, the trauma that I’m going through will heal but everyone has their life, and that to me what was most important,” said Brown.