EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) — Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted stopped in East Liverpool Wednesday to announce the funding that would be awarded to help tear down the former East Liverpool School Administration Building.

It’s part of the first round of grants through the Brownfield Remediation Program.

In a meeting with local media members, Husted said East Liverpool’s community will get money to tear down a former East Liverpool School Building on Maryland Avenue that has been vacant since 2017.

“Even though the building provided a very important function, in years past, it’s now become a blight in the beautiful community,” said Husted.

It’s part of the $350 million the state will grant out to help communities. Round one, which includes East Liverpool, is part of 78 different projects, across the state.

What will happen to the land is still up in the air.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to end up as a business. It can end up as a park. It can end up as a variety of other things that can add value to the community and make it a place that people want to live,” said Husted.

East Liverpool’s Mayor Greg Bricker said this project won’t cost the residents money. With matching funds from the Columbiana County Commissioners, it will cost about $1.2 million for the project.

Bricker didn’t say what the plan is but said there’s a lot of potential.

“In trying to bring back young people to our area, we have to have amenities. The city has to have the amenities to do that,” said Bricker.

The next round of funding will be available from March 1 until April 30 of 2023.