Huskies found two weeks ago roaming Mill Creek Park up for adoption

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Both huskies are girls and in good health

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Just before Christmas, Mill Creek police found two huskies roaming the park, so they took them to the Mahoning County Dog Pound.

Now, the dog warden is looking for a family to take them in, and about a half dozen people have already signed up.

On Monday, Chester and Mary Hughes, of Howland, filled out an application to adopt Heaven and Navaeh.

“We saw the pictures of these two and they’re just absolutely gorgeous and we thought we’d get some companions for our husky that we have,” Mary said.

“They’re definitely a bonded pair, yes,” said Robin Stowe, the pound’s kennel manager.

Stowe says they’re both females and one is older than the other. They may be mother and daughter or possibly sisters from different litters.

Their holding times have expired, which is why they’re now up for adoption.

Stowe says to beware because owning huskies is not for everyone.

“You just got to know what you’re getting into, the breed. They’re very high energy, they do like to run, they like to be outside. They like to escape their fences that they end up in. As long as you’re well trained and look what you’re getting into, you should be fine,” Stowe said.

Since they’ve bonded, the plan is to have the huskies adopted together. With the interest in the pair, they aren’t expected to be at the pound long.

Stowe said it is very rare to have two huskies in the pound at the same time.

Except for needing their nails trimmed, both dogs were clean and in good health when they were found.

The people at the pound could only speculate as to why they were roaming free.

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