TRUMBULL CO., Ohio (WKBN) – The Animal Welfare League is investigating an abandonment case in Masury, but similar cases are also coming in.

Animal Welfare League humane agents are pursuing charges against a woman who’s accused of abandoning her pets. The animals were discovered inside a home on Standard Avenue in Masury on Tuesday.

Sheriff Paul Monroe says the house had been foreclosed and deputies were there to change the locks.

“We’re not sure when she left. It had to be within a day of us showing up. Our deputies have been out there multiple times just trying to make contact,” Monroe said.

Deputies say there were clothes and garbage throughout the home and a dog locked in a cage in the living room.

Healthy Hearts and Paws Project founder Jason Cooke was called to help.

“It was absolutely deplorable. I mean, there was just garbage everywhere. I don’t even know how anybody, let alone a dog or a cat, could live in those type of conditions,” Cooke said.

The dog and two cats were removed from the house.

Animal Welfare League CEO Lori Shandor says situations like this have been happening more frequently.

“About the time that the moratorium on evictions stopped, we started to see more and more animals being left in homes,” Shandor said.

Just last week, humane agents took in six hens, a rooster and a turkey. They say the birds were left behind at a condemned home on Palmyra Road in Warren.

Also, Wednesday afternoon, humane agents had two more abandonment cases.

“Abandoning your animal with no access to care is never the solution. We will pursue charges for neglect and abandonment,” Shandor said.