Hubbard woman dumps Trump name idea, has a new idea for Mosquito Lake

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BAZETTA TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – State representative Mike Loychik put forth an idea last week to rename Mosquito Lake State Park after former President Donald Trump. A petition was soon started to stop that from happening.

“Everybody knows it as Mosquito Lake. Why rename it?” That’s a question Hubbard resident Antonette Scharsu asked when she started a petition to stop the name change from happening.

“For the past four years, what representative Loychik experienced is far different from what minority individuals and marginalized communities experienced. It’s a firm belief of mine in that if you see something wrong, if you see somebody being bullied, you stand up for the victim, otherwise, you side on the side of the offender,” Scharsu said.

Instead, Scharsu asks that the park be renamed after a Warren resident who fought for women’s voting rights.

“My petition suggests that if it needs to be renamed anything, it be renamed Harriet Taylor Upton State Park,” Scharsu said.

She says the park should be a place where everyone feels welcome.

“State parks should be a place that everybody in the community feels comfortable going to and can enjoy,” Scharsu said.

You can sign the petition on the website

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