HUBBARD, Ohio (WKBN) – Students at Hubbard High School learned about the attacks on the World Trade Center in a unique way. Virtual technology is making the experience more real for these kids — many of whom weren’t even born when the attacks happened.

For the students in Mary Davis’ government classes, the terrorist attacks of September 11 exist as an event in history to be learned.

“I think out of my 140 kids during the day, I have ten that were physically born,” Davis said. “The rest, none of them were even born. It’s been years since I had anyone who remembered it. It is hard to make it relevant to them so we’re not just going through the motions of observing this day.”

This year, the teacher used her own money to buy virtual reality goggles which allowed her to create an immersive experience, showing the students what the towers looked like before the attacks, as well as the museum that took their place afterward.

Students said it was a much better experience than reading about the events in a book.

“She could explain it at the same time, as I was seeing it, instead of just having to imagine it in my own head,” Gillian Couturiaux said.

For the students, the event still carries emotional impact, even if they weren’t alive at the time of the attacks.

“Every time I watch those videos, I get chills in my body,” Couturiaux said. “I’m sitting there, trying not to cry. Because even though I wasn’t alive, or there or knew people that were in that, particularly, it still hurts me to know that someone could be like that, could do something to hurt that many people.”

Davis said the technology helps her find new ways to present the material so it doesn’t just turn into another history lesson.

“I can keep introducing different stories and different sides of it to this next generation so it’s relevant to them, so they are impacted by it, that they can create a personal connection even though they weren’t alive.”

The goggles cost the teacher about $50 for the classroom set.