Hubbard Twp. Police Dept. forced to trim budget despite levy passage

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Even though a new levy was passed in May, the police department won't see that money until next year

HUBBARD, Ohio (WKBN) – The Hubbard Township Police Department is having some financial issues even though voters passed a police levy in May. The problem is the money can’t be collected for a year.

Trustee Rick Hernandez met with the police union Sunday to discuss how it wants to handle these budget cuts. He said the police account is going in the red by year’s end.

“The levy that was passed, unfortunate that it wasn’t passed on the first round, on the second round. We don’t receive the monies until May,” Hernandez said.

The union had a few requests — no layoffs of full-time officers, refunding a car and not laying off part-time officers — with one condition.

“As a condition, to keep their commission, they will be required to volunteer unscheduled time to Hubbard Township Police Department at the rate of 16 hours per month to maintain police proficiency,” Hernandez said.

Chief Todd Coonce may still change this condition. The police union wants to continue the “no overtime policy” but Coonce said due to vacations or call-offs, he might need to bring in a full-time officer.

“If that arises where we have no choice, to get a full-timer here on overtime, that they would take that in comp time.”

Other options include getting rid of some of the body camera storage software, which Coonce mentioned could force the department to re-evaluate its retention policy.

Right now, Hernandez said nothing is set in stone.

“We’re looking to be able to also work with the union and see whether or not we could come to fruition with some different things that might make sense for both them and us to keep this department solvent.”

Nothing is contractually obligated with the police union so conversations are still going on. Changes are set to start September 1.

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