(WKBN) – A Howland woman convicted of killing her husband has been granted a stay of execution during the appeals process.

Donna Roberts, who is the only woman on Ohio’s Death Row, was convicted of a plot to kill her husband in 2001 and collect the insurance money.

Roberts is again appealing her conviction, this time to the Eleventh District Court of Appeals. Arguments in that case are set July 22, 2020.

At the time of the murder, Roberts and ex-husband Robert Fingerhut were divorced but lived together in Howland Township.  

Roberts conspired with 47-year-old Nathaniel Jackson, who was in jail for unrelated charges, to kill Fingerhut. 

Two days after Jackson was released from jail, he murdered Fingerhut. 

Roberts bought a mask and gloves for Jackson and allowed him into the home. She stayed at a motel for a week before returning home and calling police.

Police found Fingerhut’s body in the kitchen with multiple gunshot wounds.

Investigators later recovered letters between Jackson and Roberts that they exchanged while he was in jail.

Roberts was admitted into the Ohio Reformatory for Women in June of 2003. Jackson is also sitting on Ohio’s Death Row.

Sitting on death row