Howland salon worries about safety with drug activity, crime in area

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HOWLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — Several Howland businesses are having issues surrounding their properties.

Salon One, owned by Sharon Jones and Carla Sutch, sits along Market Street. Their business has been going strong for 21 years but it hasn’t come without issues.

“We have our furniture chained down here in Howland, Ohio. My partner, Sharon, found needles,” Sutch said.

They said they’ve had to call police several times after finding drug paraphernalia around their business and having property stolen from them.

Now they are doing what they can to protect the salon.

“Every time I walk out of here, we gotta look around. They’ve come up to our clients before in broad daylight, asking for money, picking cigarette butts up off the ground,” Jones said.

Jones and Sutch have gone to Howland Township trustee meetings to address the problems. Their main concern is safety.

“It is just so hard worrying about our clients and our community,” Sutch said. “I keep on saying it’s the community that is getting hurt by this.”

Not only are they concerned about customers who come to the salon, they also worry potential customers will stay away.

“I worry about clients not coming to us,” Sutch said. “I worry about our girls at night. Salons do a lot of night work.”

Surrounding businesses are having the same problems. One, in particular, had 38 incident reports on its property since 2017, according to Howland police.

They’ve put extra police patrols in the area to try to put a stop to some of the activity.

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