HOWLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — Approval was given Thursday evening for the building of a cell phone tower at one of Howland’s schools.

The township’s Board of Zoning Appeals gave its unanimous approval to allow Verizon to build the tower at Howland Springs Elementary School.

The Howland School Board has already agreed to let the tower be built. The tower would be just under 200 feet tall, so it would not need lights on top, per the Federal Aviation Administration. It will be about 400 feet from the school, and about 360 feet away from the closest resident.

Officials say it is needed because of Howland’s poor cell phone coverage. Per the Federal Communications Commission, it’s required to handle three phone carriers, not just Verizon. The range would cover 2 to 3 miles.

Neighbors were concerned about the tower decreasing their property values and the health risks of living nearby. But under law, the board does not have to take health effects into consideration.

The FCC and the Trumbull County Building Department must approve the plan before the tower is built.