HOWLAND TWP., Ohio (WKBN) — Investigators say they believe a fire at a Howland laundromat was an act of arson.

Investigators released the images below of who they’re calling a “person of interest” in the fire at Mayfair Laundromat on Elm Road.

“If someone recognizes something or has any information, please reach out to us. Let us know,” said Chief James Pantalone.

  • Golden Point Plaza arson person of interest (2)
  • Golden Point Plaza arson person of interest (1)

Investigators say the fire originated in the area of a coin gaming machine. And whoever the person is in the surveillance images was the last person near that machine prior to the fire.

“This fire is an incendiary fire. It is arson. That’s why we’re out asking for help from the public for their assistance in identifying the subject,” said Todd Stitt, an investigator with the Ohio State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Firefighters were first notified of the fire just before 4:30 a.m. Investigators say it actually began burning just before 4 a.m. They aren’t releasing how it started yet, but three other businesses in the Golden Point Plaza all had some damage, including Laura’s Happy Hair.

“On my driver here, I was very nervous because I figured my shop was just burned to the ground the way they made it sound,” said owner Laure Nitso.

Pantalone said the fire spread rapidly through the roof due to the material. Crews worked at cutting the roof and exhaust pipes out. Most of the building was impacted by either water and/or smoke damage. Business owners have been contacted to begin salvage efforts.

The people who own the plaza didn’t want to go on camera say say it’s been in their family since the 1960s, ad they’re saddened by what happened.

Investigators placed Blue Ribbon arson committee signs in the windows of the plaza offering a reward for information leading to the identification of the person responsible.

If you recognize the person in the surveillance images, call the Ohio Fire Marshal’s Office or the Howland police or fire department.

  • Mayfair Laundromat fire on Elm Road in Warren
  • Mayfair Laundromat fire on Elm Road in Warren

No one was inside at the time of the fire, and no injuries were reported.

It is anticipated that Golden Point Plaza will be closed for the duration of the day Monday and possibly into the near future.

Cortland, Bazetta and Warren fire departments were all assisting Howland Fire Department on the scene.

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