Parents in the Howland School District will no longer have to pay an extra fee for their child to participate in activities.

School board members unanimously voted in favor of eliminating the $100 pay-to-participate fee. Parents had to pay for each activity their child participated in.

Superintendent Kevin Spicher estimated the fee only brought in about $60,000 of their $30 million annual budget. He said absorbing that cost will benefit kids and parents.

“I believe that if you pass levies, if you get support — which we’ve continued to get in the school system — you need to make sure that you reward that and that you have that opportunity. Well, ticket sales will increase, we’ll get money on the backside.”

If there are any outstanding balances from participation fees, they will have to be paid before May 31. Free participation starts next school year.

Board members estimate 5 to 10 percent more students will be able to participate next year because their parents won’t have to pay.