BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN)- It’s that time of year again.

Your nose runs a little more, you might feel a scratchy throat or even a little under the weather, especially for children.

According to the Cleveland Clinic children rank at the top of the list for social contact during the day making them most at risk for catching and transmitting germs.

Dr. Gina Robinson emphasizes the simplest yet best way to reduce the spread of germs.
She says its washing your hands! Parents should encourage their kids to wash their hands throughout the day using warm water and soap. The time it takes you to wash your hands is around the time it takes to say the ABCs.

“You touch things throughout the day you don’t even think about, opening doors, opening your desk at school, opening your locker, and every time you touch those surfaces you are coming into contact with some type of germs that someone left behind,” said Dr. Robinson of the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Robinson says stressing the importance of washing hands may be mundane but its very important for children to get into the habit of washing hands multiple times a day.
The Cleveland Clinic also recommends children keep their hands off their faces as much as possible, this is an easy access point for germs to enter the body.

Dr. Robinson says to make sure your child’s immune system is strong to help them fight off any potential germs they might come in contact with at school. This means eating a well-balanced diet high in fruits and vegetables and getting quality sleep. And finally, parents should keep their kid home if they are sick.

“If there is any possible way to keep your child with a fever at home, because that is usually a sign that they are contagious,” that’s always a good idea,” said Dr. Robinson.

Also if kids have a sore throat, cough or runny nose it is not a bad idea to have them wear a mask at school.

Reminding kids of these simple yet effective germ preventative habits will give them the best chance of staying healthy and stopping the spread of germs.