How will potential ‘bomb cyclone’ impact the Valley?

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A storm system that is moving in from the Pacific Ocean is forecast to intensify and form into a new inland “bomb cyclone.” 

A bomb cyclone is a rapid drop in air pressure — at least 24 millibars in 24 hours — and often is over or near oceans or seas because it requires warm moist air smacking into cold dry air, along with volatile weather from the jet stream. 

Typically we see “bomb cyclones” form off the East Coast in the form of nor’easters.

Heavy snow is expected to develop in the mountains Wednesday and then spread over the plains. It should reach the Midwest on Thursday. 

As of late Wednesday morning, 27 Storm Team meteorologist Alex George says a “bomb cyclone” has not happened yet. she says any impact on the Valley from the storm will come in the form of rain and wind in our area. Watch Alex’s video for a complete rundown on what you can expect. 

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