How White House Fruit Farm’s blueberries are holding up in this extra rainy season

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Unlike other plants, blueberries typically need an inch of rain every week

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The amount of rain we’ve had this year has been a challenge for farmers and growers. But, just how much is it affecting one of the area’s most popular crops?

As you make your way into White House Fruit Farm, one of the first things you see is a big sign that says “Fresh Blueberries.”

Dave Hull is part of the family-owned business. He says because blueberries have a different root system, they are less bothered by the amount of rain we’ve had.

“Blueberries don’t have a tap root like some plants so they dry out quickly but they don’t like to stand in water either. So, blueberries need regular water, unlike some other plants that can get along with more sporadic moisture,” Hull said.

To protect the plant from standing water, Hull has to take precautions.

“We do things like getting them on raised beds to try to get them up out of the water. So that’s our primary focus, is… getting the root systems out of standing water,” Hull said.

Although the standing water can be an issue, blueberry growth and size are still good.

“Adequate moisture, good moisture can always allow for better berry size for maybe bigger berries,” Hull said.

Unlike other plants, blueberries typically need an inch of rain every week.

“Soil types in Northeastern Ohio can get very crusty and hard. So what you need to overcome that is many tenths of an inch scattered. You don’t want a lot of rain at one time. You need it to rain one-tenth, two-tenths of an inch every four or five days to overcome that crustiness, that hardness of the soil,” Hull said.

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