How Trumbull County Family Court is helping parents deal with kids’ destructive behavior

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The 10-week course is free to participants because it's funded through the Ohio Reclaim Grant

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Judges with the Trumbull County Family Court are hoping a new program keeps kids out of the juvenile justice system.

Judges Sandra Stabile Harwood and Samuel Bluedorn are partnering with the Cadence Care Network to start “The Parent Project Program.” It’s designed to help educate families on how to deal with children with destructive behavior.

“This is a program that was created 30 years ago, and it’s been rolled out in several states, and there have been numerous studies done, and it does improve family skills, interaction with the parents and children,” Harwood said. “It’s been proven to deter from things like the truancy, things like that, so we’re really looking forward to hopefully the public responding wanting to participate.”

The 10-week virtual course can accommodate 10 families. The course is funded through the Ohio Reclaim Grant and doesn’t cost participants anything.

“We have so many parents who call. Their children aren’t before us, but they just don’t know where to turn to, so this is something that we are more than happy to offer,” Harwood said. “We have a lot of good parents out there, but these behaviors take a special set of skills for behavior modification.”

The first class begins April 8, but isn’t full yet. Individuals that would like to join can call the Director of Initiatives and Reform Renae Hoso at 330-675-2326, and leave a message if it’s after hours.

“It kind of gives them support where, ordinarily a lot of times, they would be out on their own, not knowing what to do, and this gives them the support and lets them know that there are other people and it could come up with some good results,” Bluedorn said.

Bluedorn said past projects only applied to children and families already in the system. The project they’re working on now will apply to anyone with the hopes of preventing children from ending up in front of a judge in the first place.

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