(WKBN) – As the seasons change, some people might go through mood changes that can impact their lives. Sometimes, it’s known as the “winter blues.”

Seasonal depression is something that many people experience in the cooler months. For some, it is mild with some mood changes. For others, the impact can be more severe. The condition is called Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Symptoms can include fatigue, sadness and even oversleeping. Some people are more susceptible than others, depending on family history or where they live.

In the Youngstown area area, late fall and winter can be dreary and cloudy.

Dr. Sarah Momen, of Trumbull Regional Medical Center, said there are steps people can take to keep their minds healthy through the months ahead, however.

“One of the big things is trying to go outside as much as possible when there is enough sun. So in the morning, go outside. A good diet, exercise — those are like the normal things,” Dr. Momen said.

Dr. Momen said if the case is more severe, medication, light therapy and vitamin D supplements can help, too. If those don’t work, she said that CBT and other forms of therapy are helpful.

She said like any other mental illness, Seasonal Affective Disorder should be taken just as seriously.

If you have any questions or believe you have a more severe case of Seasonal Affective Disorder, talk to your doctor.