(WKBN) – Winter break is coming to an end and kids are preparing to go back to school after the new year. The transition back to school may be difficult for some but there are things you can do to make it easier.

After a fun-filled holiday break, thinking about going back to school may not seem fun.

Dr. Anthony Russo, an internal medicine primary physician for Steward Medical Group, says getting your child back on a routine schedule will make the transition back to school more efficient. He says to make it a goal to go to bed and wake up at a similar time.

“The video games and TV and tablets and iPhones and those things like that, the blue light will keep you up at night. So you want the room to be cool and dark, you know, no night lights, no TVs, no things to distract you,” Dr. Russo said.

Dr. Russo explains that it’s important to get the brain ready to “learn” again. While kids are taking time off during winter break, they may not be using or challenging the parts of their brains they normally do in school.

“Try to maybe open up a book or start reading or doing activities they did in school prior to break. Maybe just get them interested in again if it was something fun they liked, just to try and involve them a little bit more,” Dr. Russo said.

Teachers can also play a part in helping ease the transition for their students.

“Kids are energetic. Kids do want to talk about what they’ve done over break, so the teachers do try to ease them back into the schedule, maybe give them the time and the opportunities to share,” said Dan Kemats, principal of McKinley Elementary in Lisbon.

Kemats says we should be mindful that each child spends the holiday season differently.

There may also be concerns of heightened sickness with students coming back together.

“It’s very possible that there could be outbreaks of things. From where we were a few weeks ago, a month ago, things are a little bit better,” Dr. Russo said.

Dr. Russo encourages children to stay home from school if they don’t feel well and to constantly wash their hands.