YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Spring usually means spending time outdoors, cleaning up the yard and, of course, planting flowers! However, the wintry mix we saw on Tuesday could cause some issues for gardeners. So, when is the perfect time to garden?

For everyone who’s at home itching to buy plants at the garden centers or ready to pull out the lawnmower, hang tight! It could cause more damage and not let your plants bloom to their fullest potential.

These recent conditions have been harsh on the soil.

“We’ve had a lot of snow, we’ve had a lot of rain. That impacts your soil,” said Lynn Zocolo, an educator with Mill Creek MetroParks.

Zocolo says the soil here in the Valley is extremely saturated, making it tough to garden. She says there is a good way to test its saturation level.

“If you start to walk across your lawn and you look behind you and you see your footprints in the grass, it’s too wet,” Zocolo said.

According to Zocolo, tending to your lawn too soon could cause damage in the future, which includes running the lawnmower.

“You’re compacting the soil, and that means you’re kinda squishing the air pockets out of it, and the plants, the roots need the air in that soil in order to thrive, in order to grow as beautiful as we would love them to be, and that includes your grass,” Zocolo said.

Not only is the wet soil a reason to be patient when it comes to gardening, but the temperature plays a factor as well. Zocolo says the last frost date is during the second week of May.

“We have to be patient, we have to let our soils dry out and we have to let them warm up before we start putting in all of those beautiful summer annuals that we enjoy,” she said.

If you are ready to plant this week, Zocolo recommends planting some cold weather veggies like lettuce, kale, onions, spinach and peas, just to name a few. She thinks the ground should be dried up after the warm weekend our meteorologists are tracking, so next week may be a good time to mow your lawn.