(WKBN) – Bitter temperatures, gusty winds and powdered snow hit the Valley Friday. These severe weather conditions are making it difficult for drivers to navigate roads. ODOT and the Mahoning County engineer are advising on how drivers can be safe during severe winter weather and how road crews plan to keep the roads clear.

“Go slow give yourself lots of extra time. If you are going somewhere give yourself plenty of time to get there, don’t speed, travel a slower speed limit,” said Justin Chesnic from ODOT.

ODOT tells me that road conditions can change minute by minute and mile by mile.

“Don’t want to slam on your breaks or push those very aggressively you want to give yourself a lot of space around other motorists thats the key you dont want to put yourself in a position where you have to move fast,” said Chesnic.

Several road crews across the city have been up since 3 in the morning plowing and treating roads.

“When you see those plow trucks out there give them room, stay behind them, let them plow and treat in front of you, they are going to be going around 30-40 mph. That’s a little slower than some folks want to go,” said Chesnic.

The wind just takes the snow right away, making it difficult for snow plows and trucks to be effective on the roads.

“We’ll plow and we’ll treat then a couple minutes later we will get a big wind gust and that snow could blow right back on the roadways,” said Chesnic.

Mahoning County Engineer Pat Ginnetti says there is a science behind treating the roads.

“We had to time it right because if we were too early the rain washes everything away and its ineffective, and if we’re too late than the salt cant penetrate the ice,” said Pat Ginnetti the Mahoning Co. Engineer.

Drivers are advised to watch out for debris that may blow on to the roads from the wind.

Power outages may continue across the valley during the storm.

Road Crews are expected to continue treating roads until weather gets better.