(WKBN)- Memorial Day weekend is a popular one for travel. It kicks off the summer travel months.

AAA says to not expect prices to change much throughout the summer travel months.

The average price of a gallon of gas in the Youngstown area is about $4.47 as of May 25. According to AAA, from April 24 to May 10 the price of gas has either stayed flat or risen.

Will prices go down much during the summer?’

Usually gas prices spike during holiday weekends, but AAA says to expect the high gas prices throughout the summer.

“The biggest factor is that crude oil and unless that significantly comes down, we can expect to see the gas prices remain relatively high,” said AAA community and public relations manager Tiffany Stanley.

Crude oil closed at about $113 a barrel the week of May 16. The high cost is partly due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and not having enough supply.

Stanley says gas prices may dip a little after the holiday weekend because of lower demand, but not significantly.

The high prices at the pump aren’t stopping people from traveling. In fact, AAA is reporting this to be one of the busiest travel weekends in two years.

Stanley says AAA has seen an increase in hotel bookings, car rentals and flights.

“Regardless of these high prices, we are seeing that this is not deterring people from travelling this memorial day weekend. In fact, travel is going to be the busiest it’s been since the start of the pandemic,” said Stanley.

There are things you can do to save yourself a little money this summer.

First, book travel as far in advance as you can. Stanley says to also use a travel agent who can help find the best deals.

Behind the wheel, experts recommend driving more efficiently. Taking less trips to run errands and driving within the recommended speed limits will keep more gas in your tank.

AAA is also reminding drivers to pack patience as you head out the door. More people will be on the road and at airports this summer.